Must-Haves for Microweddings

Must-Haves for Microweddings

Okay, so you’ve decided to have a smaller wedding aka a microwedding! Maybe it was because of a limited budget, a desire for a more intimate gathering, or just to be able to get married in the time of Coronavirus. Regardless of your reason, a small-scale wedding is not lacking big inspiration which is why we wanted to talk about the must-haves for your microwedding. Just because your wedding is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be just as special and Pinterest-worthy!

Wait, so what is a microwedding exactly?

A microwedding is everything a normal wedding is just with a smaller guest count (usually 50 guests or less). It still includes a ceremony and reception and all the good things in between. Whether it’s in your backyard or at a fancy venue, it can still be everything you dreamed of but only with your nearest and dearest. 

More Personal Details

Okay, this may be our top reason to have a microwedding honestly. Weddings are supposed to be about you and your future spouse coming together and building a life. Two people becoming one. So of course, personal details are a given! With a smaller wedding, you’re able to incorporate more of these. For example, instead of a ballroom, you can have an intimate reception at your favorite restaurant where you’re regulars or where you had your first date. You can have everyone at the wedding give a toast and include their best stories. The list goes on and on, but we’re big advocates for making a wedding that is completely you and there’s no better way than by adding personal details in.

Great Food

We can’t leave this out. With a small-scale wedding, there may not be as much attention on the dance floor and DJ, but instead dinner and conversation. So make sure that food is delicious! And like we mentioned above, when you include your favorite restaurant or food truck even, you already know it is! Also, a smaller guest count could mean more menu options for each guest.

Just Don’t Skip What You Really Want

Just because your wedding is 50 guests and not 150 doesn’t mean you can’t have it all. If you want the full she-bang wedding experience, do it! If you want a dance floor with a DJ spinning all night, do it! If you want a sparkler exit, do it. It’s still your wedding day after all.

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